Welcome to Classicbrew Enterprises. We are a research and development (RND) company with a a focus on holistic and sustainable practice. Our RND is conducted through disciplines which we use to develop ideas into effective implements for education, problem solving and productivity. As part of our sustainable model we explain how these disciplines work together to benefit the "whole". We've kindly named our research disciplines to help for better understanding. They are:

  • Grindworks - "Outside the Box" approaches to creative design and fulfillment through diligent research and development (RND). The benefits of this research support the mission of all our other disciplines.
  • Fair Trade Knowledge Management - Simple, ethical approaches to managing knowledge for technology, marketing, customer relationship management and business growth. Through Grindworks Fair Trade takes advantage of cutting edge information management technology and design.
  • Brew Your Biz - Effective methodologies and techniques for creating and maintaining sustainable business with responsible growth in mind. Through Grindworks and Fair Trade Brew Your Biz incorporates the synergy of technology and data for use in such things as education, marketing, advertising, employee management and business model development.
  • Universal Aroma - A culmination of the other three disciplines Universal embodies the "fruits of labor" derived from the other disciplines and further infuses approaches from our experience to create optimal instruction and learning.

Enough of our verbiage. Use the side menu or the links above to get to know us through our disciplines


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